Can Anyone Complete a Game Anymore?

So Zack Greinke threw 91 pitches last night through eight dominant shutout innings against the Mariners in a 1-0 win. The last time I checked, the American League has the DH, so there was no need to pinch hit in a close game. So why couldn’t Greinke throw 100 or so pitches and earn a complete game shutout? That used to matter. Throwing a shutout provides a sense of pride that is sorely lacking in today’s game. Meanwhile, MLB continues to implement stupid rules to “speed up the game.” The last time I checked, useless pitching changes only make the game longer and less entertaining. Taking out your dominant ace also gives the other team hope because he is out of the game. Everyday, games are lost this way. Each time you make a pitching change, you take the chance that whoever you bring into the game doesn’t have it that day. Even Mariano Rivera had bad days. The Astros won the game. But what a gut punch it would have been had they lost 2-1 after removing Greinke instead of holding onto that slim 1-0 lead. That’s what’s on my mind today!

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